Margarita  something like The Rocks

Margarita something like The Rocks


A thriving booming and upscale Mexican cantina nearby makes the best margaritas Ive ever tasted. They look, smell, and taste purer than any others Ive had. I always assumed they were using all top-shelf ingredients, until I found out their secret. . . lemon-lime soda! Now Im nimble to re-create them at home.

The ingredient of Margarita something like The Rocks

  1. 1 pinch kosher salt for rimming glasses
  2. ice cubes
  3. u00bd cup silver tequila
  4. u00bc cup sweetened lime juice (such as Rosesu00ae)
  5. u00bc cup triple sec
  6. u00bc cup lemon-lime soda, or to taste

The instruction how to make Margarita something like The Rocks

  1. Rim 2 margarita glasses later salt if desired, and fill subsequently ice. Pour the tequila, sweetened lime juice, triple sec, and lemon-lime soda into a shaker filled in the same way as ice, withhold your hand firmly more than more than the pinnacle of the shaker so the culmination doesnt pop off from the carbonated soda, and shake vigorously. Pour into prepared margarita glasses, and serve.

Nutritions of Margarita something like The Rocks

calories: 316.9 calories
carbohydrateContent: 29.5 g
fatContent: 0.1 g
sodiumContent: 209.9 mg
sugarContent: 24.9 g


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